British Bakes – Biscuits

Britain offers so many lovely and delicious biscuits. It was hard to make a selection but in the end we just picked our favorite ones.

Box of 10 biscuits – € 15.00

Bara brith biscuits

A superb fall/winter shortbread biscuit with mixed spice and cinnamon & raisins soaked in strong black tea

Cornish fairing

Traditional ginger & spice biscuit

Custard cream

Sandwich biscuit filled with a creamy, custard-flavoured centre

Chocolate bourbon

Two rectangular chocolate-flavoured biscuits with a chocolate buttercream filling

Jammy dodger

Shortcake biscuit filled with jam

Orange, chocolate & hazelnut shortbread

Shortbread16 fingers
€ 15.00
Traditional Scottish biscuit

Millionaire shortbread16 fingers
€ 20.00
A crumbly shortbread base with soft caramel in the middle and a thick chocolate top

Pecan shortbread16 fingers

€ 22.00

A crumbly shortbread topped with pecan and caramel layer

Jaffa cake style shortbread – 16 fingers

€ 22.00

A buttery shortbread covered with marmelade and topped with shortbread crumble and chocolate

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