British bakes cakes & tarts


Apple pumpkin cake

A cake full of warm, spiced flavours filled with pumpkin puree and apples. Topped with a little bit if caramel and roasted hazelnuts. A fantastic fall cake !

€ 25

Ginger cake

A moist, sticky and airy cake all in one. Ginger being the star of this cake as it’s the only spice used here. 

€ 22 (for about 25 quares)

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Carrot cake

A cake full of flavour with carrots, chopped walnuts, mixed spice and cinnamon topped with a cream cheese frosting

€ 25

Lemon drizzle cake

A moist lemon cake topped with a lemon glaze 

€ 22

Chocolate hazelnut cake

Hazelnut and chocolate are a match made in heaven in this cake. The chocolate frosting adds the finishing touch 

€ 25

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Victoria sponge cake

A double airy sponge cake filled with homemade strawberry jam. You may choose to add some whipped cream (+1€)

€ 22

Glazed orange cake 
A deliciously moist orange cake with both orange zest & juice topped with an orange glaze

€ 22

Walnut & coffee cake with mascarpone & coffee frosting

A flavourful nutty cake with a delicate coffee frosting 

€ 25

Chocolate mousse cake

100% chocolate ! A spongy chocolate biscuit filled with an airy chocolate mousse, coated in a dark chocolate ganache. This is a perfect birthday cake


All the cakes serve 8 to 10 people


Curd tarts

Lime & basil Passion Fruit or Raspberry

A sweet shortcrust pastry filled with a velvety, zingy curd.
If you’re looking for freshness, this is your kind of tart !

4 p – € 22
8 p- € 35

Bannoffee pie

A digestive biscuit base filled with caramel and topped with slices of banana & whipped cream. A truly indulgent pie!

4p/€ 22 – 8p/€ 32

Bakewell tart

A shortcrust pastry filled with frangipane on top of a thin layer of homemade raspberry jam, topped with flaked almonds

4p/€ 20 – 8p/€ 30

Eton mess tart*

A smooth white chocolate & mascarpone filling topped with strawberries, mint, meringues & lime zeste.

*Only in the summer

6p/€ 30 (one size)

Apple & pecan tart

A delicious crumbly base filled with apples, cinnamon and pecan nuts topped with a pecan crumble Perfect on a cold, rainy day with a steaming cup of tea

6 to 8p/ € 25 (one size)

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