Classic Bakes

Strawberry, pistachio and vanille tart

Happiness on a plate !

A sweet shortcrust pastry filled with pistachio cream, vanilla ganache and strawberry compote. Decorated with fresh strawberries and pistachio nuts

One size 6 p – € 25.00

Raspberry cheesecake

A refreshing cake made of biscuits, creamcheese, raspberry coulis and fresh raspberries on top. For the base you can choose between digestive bisuits or speculoos biscuits. What’s your favourite ?

Individual size (1 p) – € 5.00

4 p – € 20
8 p- € 30

Fallen chocolate cake (fondant au chocolat craquelé)

This is a flourless airy, fluffy an moist chocolate cake that has a crackled crispy top. This cake is a crowd pleaser

One size 6 p – € 20.00

Pear & almond tart

A delicious shortcrust pastry filled with frangipane and pears sprinkled with flaked almonds.
The pears are poached in flavourful syrup for even more intensity.

4 p – € 22
8 p- € 35


This a a delicious rustic Italian jam tart
Choice between raspberry, forest fruit or abricot jam

4 p – € 20
8 p- € 30

Gâteau “Royal”

Almond dacquoise, praliné crunch, chocolate mousse & chocolate mirror glaze

one size 6 p – € 32

Chocolate & ganache tart

The ultimate for chocolate lovers!
A chocolate tart shell filled with chocolate
ganache topped with a whipped praliné ganache &

4 p – € 22
8 p- € 35

Peanut, caramel & chocolate tart

Highly Addictive
A peanut pastry shell filled with scaramel and
roasted peanuts topped with ganache & peanut

One size 6 p- € 28

Raspberry delight

Summer Festive
Sablé breton base filled with raspberry confit,
diplomate & raspberry cream topped with fresh

One size 6 p- € 30

Seasonal fruit tart

An all time favorite
This is a seasonal tart made from a shortcrust
pastry filled with creme patissière topped with
seasonal fruits of your choosing (strawberries,
raspberries, mixed berries, clementines,

4 p- € 22
8 p- € 35

Lemon meringue pie

Fresh & zingy
A sweet almond tart shell filled with an heavenly
lemon curd and topped with soft meringue

4 p- € 22
8 p- € 35

Forest fruit Charlotte

A classic

Another fantastic summer dessert made with lady fingers, a smooth forest fruit mousse and lots of fresh fruit inside and on top

One size 6 p – € 30

Tartlets – € 5

These little tarts are perfect if you feel like indugling in a little treat, as a gift for someone special , or want a sweet buffet at a social function.

Tartlet menu

Fruit tartlets with crème pâtissière

Fruit tartlets with frangipane

Peanut & caramel

Chocolat ganache & hazelnut

Lemon & meringue


Feel free to make any special requests on these little gems!

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