What’s not to love about a cookie ! A crunchy texture on the outside and soft and gooey in the middle, that’s how we love them at Lady Bedford’s.

Chocolate chip
the classic cookie dough with milk chocolate pieces
€ 2.00

Triple chocolate chip
chocolate dough with white, milk and dark chocolate chips
€ 2.50

White chocolate, maple & pecan
white chocolate chunks with roasted pecan nuts & a dash of maple syrup
€ 2.50

Chocolate chip cookie with praliné & roasted hazelnut and pecan nuts
Super indulgent cookie
€ 2.50

Peanut butter
A very tasty cookie made with peanut butter & peanuts

€ 2.50

Red velvet crinkle
A fudgy chocolate cookie turned red with a nice crinkle top
€ 2.50

Minimum order of 5 cookies

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