Birthday bakes

Cupcakes – € 2.50 per piece

These small cakes topped with buttercream frosting are great for children’s birthday parties as they are easy to eat and come in a wide variety of flavors.

Choice of flavors: raspberry, vanilla, chocolate, speculoos, carrot cake, coffee & lemon.

Pancakes – € 1.00 per piece

Possibility to add fruit, maple syrup, honey or Nutella. The price will be calculated based on the number of pancakes ordered.

Number cake – € 25.00 per number

This is a festive cake for special occasions ! The decoration will be entirely based on your preferences.

For the base you can choose between a biscuit Joconde (a sponge base) or a sweet shortcrust pastry. The cake will be decorated with whipped ganache, macarons and other decorative/edible items

Chocolate mousse cake – € 25.00

This is a must for chocolate lovers. A spongy chocolate biscuit filled with an airy chocolate mousse, coated in a dark chocolate ganache. This cake easily serves 8 to 10 persons.

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