Who’s behind Lady Bedford

I’m a very passionate self-taught baker! I recently obtained a “professional competence in the bakery and pastry-making sector certificate” in Brussels. After this, I was ready to start on my new adventure but I quickly realised the biggest question I faced was what kind of pastries I wanted to sell.

Having spent numerous summer holidays in England as a child, I hold very “sweet” memories of all the pastries I discovered there. Fondant fancies, millionaire shortbread, digestive biscuits, chocolate sponge rolls, scones and many more have coloured those years. I completely fell in love with British bakes!

On the other hand, I also have tender childhood memories of the little choux à la crème and frangipane pastries we got from our local market and all the marvellous more “classic” pastries we regularly ate at home, such as merveilleux, javanais, misérable, éclairs, …

Big dilemma! Would I sell British bakes or turn to the more “classic” French pâtisserie? After spending countless nights mulling it over, I woke up one morning thinking ‘why choose’? Let’s just do both! And that was the beginning of “Lady Bedford”. The name I chose is definitely British ; it refers to the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who inadvertently “invented” the Afternoon Tea.

Lady Bedford offers a wide variety of British and “classic” cakes, sweet and savoury tarts, biscuits and Afternoon Tea. All my pastries are made with a lot of love and care, using only the best ingredients. The pastry doughs, curds, jams, creams, frostings and fillings are all homemade.  “Lady Bedford” stands for quality, taste and originality.  

So enough talking, prepare your taste buds and join me in the wonderful world of “Lady Bedford”.



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